Barista Training in Schools

Barista Training in Schools

Development of my Teaching Programme and Strategies for Delivery

Over the past 30 years of my close involvement in the New Zealand coffee scene I have focused on maintaining a very high standard in training my staff and customers in coffee and baristas skills. The teaching programme that I now provide is based on methods that have been developed over these years. It comes from an appreciation of the ethos of the coffee culture in New Zealand and all areas that are essential in understanding what is needed to maintain the quality and integrity of the coffee bean. All the way from selecting and importing of the green beans, through the blending and roasting process to the final presentation of the cup to satisfy the expectations of the paying customer.

My experience and preparation for teaching include the following:

• A Registered Workplace Assessor. Assessor number 4523.

• I teach Level 2 Unit Standards 17285, 17286, 17287 and Level 3 Unit Standards 17284 and 17288.

• Completed a Managers Certificate which included health and safety and food hygiene. I have had experience managing cafes.

• My customer base in New Zealand are stakeholders in the New Zealand Coffee Industry. I maintain regular contact with them.

• To keep on the cutting edge of new technology and trends I frequently visit overseas coffee exhibitions. In 2013 I was a delegate to an SCCA World Coffee Exhibition in Boston USA which featured Barista Championships. In May 2014 I attended an International Coffee Show in Melbourne where the World Latte Art Championships took place. 2016 Atlanta, 2017 Milan, 2018 Melbourne, 2018 Sri Lanka.

• I have enjoyed a close working relationship for over 20 years with a leading New Zealand Barista Judge.

• I am a barista trainer for cafes and also a consultant within the café industry, including conducting feasibility studies. 

• Earlier in my career I spent 5 years in management developing a network of Robert Harris Coffee Shops in the lower half of the North Island. I have also served as General Manager for Mansion House Coffee and since 1993 have operated our own coffee wholesale companies.

• I am very familiar with a wide variety of espresso coffee machines and I am an experienced trouble shooter. Understanding machine maintenance is a real asset for teaching.

• Over the years I have prepared students one on one with barista training to equip them to pursue employment opportunities.

• Distributing coffee equipment directly from Italy and installing it and keeping updated with design features, trends and technology changes. This has ensured that I can confidently teach knowing that the training is highly relevant to the current cafe market.

• I am experienced to teach coffee theory having visited coffee plantations and roasteries around the world. I have been actively involved in all processes from green bean to brewing to producing coffee. In my course for level 3 I include roasting demonstrations using a specially designed portable coffee roaster. This gives the students hands on experience which captures their interest as the see the actual roasting process in the classroom.

• For many years I have selected and blended origin green beans to develop popular roasts that are served in cafes throughout New Zealand.

• I prepare my training delivery and materials after consultation with the teachers. In the case of individual students I customize the teaching to most effectively convey the knowledge, skills and techniques they need.

• Regular feedback throughout the training I consider to be very important. This lets the student know how they are progressing and how they can most effectively continue to develop their skills. I will provide formative feedback by way of ability checks throughout the course of the programme.

• The students progress will be monitored by multiple assessment opportunities during the duration of the course with results being documented.

• I have worked with the training café at the Tauranga Boys High School to develop a coffee bean blend that is best suited to their training requirements. As part of my brief I assist them with maintaining their various items of coffee equipment to a high standard. I have worked closely with Tauranga Boys High School and other High Schools in the district and have gained an appreciation of how to bring the best out of a wide range of students at different levels.

• I will have an annual review in November to evaluate the feedback and successes achieved during the year to make sure that highest quality of programmes and outcomes are maintained.

• I ask my students for feedback about my course and the information delivery. This feedback will be assessed as part of the annual review in November and modifications will be made as required.

• My approach is to look at the overall subject from green bean to brew and integrate training so the student can have the background understanding as well as the practical knowledge.

Trainer Information

I personally conduct all training. My professional development is maintained by regularly attending coffee exhibitions with training sessions and my ongoing involvement in the coffee industry. This includes working with café managers in a consultation role and also regularly providing training to maintain their coffee delivery to the industry standards. I hold Unit 4098 and have 30 years experience in the coffee industry that I am teaching and assessing in.

Final Assessment Standard

All assessments will be conducted in an environment that meets the standards of the established food hygiene and safety programmes. I have strong integrity in my final assessment grades. Competent grades will be rewarded as if they meet with the expectations of a paying customer. It is my policy during the assessment to provide evidence by way of photographs of the students work which will be added to the student profile. At the summative assessment a photograph of the coffees ready for service will be taken and documented as evidence.

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Example of Level 2 student assessment drinks