Gourmet Roasted Coffee



Café Ole
An equatorial full bodied blend which is suitable for all brewing methods from filter and plunger to espresso. Fruity and smooth with a delicate bite.

A medium roast that balances the bite and smoothness of PNG and South American beans to create an exceptional café style cup.

A smooth and earthy medium roast to celebrate with anytime of the day. A lingering sweet aftertaste with a rich crema.

Our most popular espresso coffee specially blended for use in espresso machines. A darker roast which releases the full flavour of the bean.

Espresso Dark
For those that like a darker roast. This is our popular espresso blend roasted even darker to enhance the flavour and create a lingering aftertaste.

Blue Mountain Special
A smooth light roast. A traditional blue mountain blend. Smooth and well balanced. Its sweet honey and mocha tones can be enjoyed in your filter, plunger or espresso machine.

We use 100% Arabica beans in all our coffee blends.