Magister Stella Professional Espresso Machine


Main Features

  • Classic E61 group head
  • Professional quality materials used throughout
  • Steam and hot water wands insulated so not hot to touch
  • Automatic power shutdown in case of overheating or lack of water
  • Visual and acoustic warning system
  • 1500w element enables coffee making pressure reached in 10 minutes from cold

Product Description

• External chrome-plated group with hand lever
• Body in mirror polished stainless steel
• Copper boiler, auto-fill device, pressure gauge
• Over-heat sensor
• Automatic shut-off with acoustic beeper warning (lack of water or overheating)
• Safety valve
• All pipes are cast in copper. All junction fittings are in brass.
• Thermally insulated steam and hot water wands
• External taps in chrome-plated brass
• Steam and water knobs with chromed caps
• Mechanical pressure stat
• Drained anti-vacuum valve
• Self-priming valve
• Anti-backflow valve
• Expansion valve
• CE and UL-listed components

Technical specifications

Model : Stella Professional
 Dimensions   (mm) : 360mm(H) X 280mm(W) X 475mm(L)
 Boiler   Capacity : 1.3 Litre
 Steam   Arm : 1
Hot Water Tap : 1
 Power   Supply : 1500 W
 Volts : 230 volts
 Weight : 18 kg
 Version : 1 Group